"Very helpful.  Not at all what others who have attended similar workshops led me to believe/expect." Nicole Matthews
"Wow! Totally awesome." Lynne Rothman
"Wonderful & very helpful.  I really needed this guidance; it has helped so much, especially the colour analysis." Celeste Booysen
"Very informative." Jozi Liddell
"Very interesting and useful.  This seminar exceeded my objectives." Thalea Alberts
"What a wonderful experience!  It's great to attend a workshop where the content can be applied in "real life" and adapted to each individual, a solution for everyone!  Topics covered are appropriate for a fresh start." Nikki Ray
"Found the workshop perfect as is and definitely met and even exceeded my expectations!" Chrischele Alberts
"Very useful course. It has definitely helped me and made me more aware of my styles, body shape, etc." Jess Brotherton
"Lessons were very personalised; very nice venue." Colleen Mumford
"I loved Ilse's workshop because she taught me how to apply my make-up for gym (BB cream), every day wear, as well as when going out.  I had no idea what all the brushes were for!  I also enjoyed being colour-coded and working out which colours suited me best."  Vicki Hingeston
"It was brilliant. I loved it."  Katie Salter
"Ilse's personal but professional approach makes for a non-threatening learning experience.  Many people feel intimidated at the thought of an image workshop - because it implies a critique of your current dress, make-up, etc.  But Ilse made us feel at ease and we learned a lot about how we could (with small and inexpensive changes) make more of ourselves."  Shannon Edwards

One-on-one Consultations

"I have had the pleasure of enjoying Ilse’s expertise on two occasions – firstly at a colour and make-up workshop and secondly in my home with her providing some valuable wardrobe planning advice.  At the workshop I found the colour analysis to be most beneficial and I always have my functional (small, laminated) colour chart on hand when shopping for new items.  I no longer waste time or money buying clothing (particularly tops and scarves) in colours that don’t suit me and definitely receive compliments when I’m wearing my ‘Autumn’ tones.  For the wardrobe consultation, not only did Ilse help me sort through items from a colour perspective but she also accurately assessed my body type, and gave practical advice on what styles to look for and which to avoid.  I would highly recommend Ilse to anyone wishing to make workable modifications to their appearance via their clothing colour and style choices."  Cathy Hugo  
" Ilse’s magic wand transformed both my and my husband’s wardrobes.  Secret wish – for Ilse to be our permanent Styling Manager!" Anna-Marie & Hennie du Toit
"I used to walk around between the clothing rails, in the shops, utterly confused and overwhelmed. I knew I wanted a change and I knew the way I dressed did not suit me, but I had NO idea where to start. Nothing in my wardrobe worked.  Ilse changed that within a few sessions. I now know what colours and styles work for me. I have fewer clothes that I wear a lot, more space in my cupboards, and I always have something to wear. On top of it I no longer waste money on impulse buys, because I know exactly what I need." Miemsie Davel