Colour Coding Analysis (60-90 minutes)   R895
Out of all the services I offer, in my experience this is the one that makes the biggest long-term impact on clients' lives! Knowing your correct colour chart (which you receive after a consultation) provides guidance as to the clothes, make-up, eyewear and jewellery you purchase.  Wearing the correct colours according to your skin tone will make you look younger, vibrant and create a more harmonious look;  wearing the incorrect colours will do the opposite.

Wardrobe Analysis & Planning (3-4 hours)   R1800
In my experience, most clients have either had too many clothes and "nothing to wear", too many items in the same colour (often neutrals), a disorganised wardrobe, clothes in the wrong colours or which did not flatter their body shapes or very outdated clothes.  During this consultation we will go through your wardrobe with a view to organise, update and discuss the clothing in relation to your body shape.  If necessary we will throw out some clothes but more importantly organise your wardrobe in a practical way and look at ways to update the contents, i.e. where necessary I will provide you with a list for shopping purposes.  But bear in mind that this list does not need to be extensive when all it takes is 8 items of clothing to create 27 different outfits!  It is up to you as to how many clothing capsules you are comfortable with.
Please be advised that a Colour Analysis is highly recommended before embarking on a wardrobe exercise.
Workshops ( Works well as a Fun Event for ladies or for Teen Parties)                                           
A half-day or full day workshop is wonderful for team-building or just a fun event for ladies and/or young girls.  A minimum of 5 delegates is required and prices  start at R595 per person depending on whether
- you provide the venue and refreshments or we opt for a hotel, 
- it is a half-day or full-day workshop
- the number of topics/services required which could be any of the following or a combination:
* Individual colour analysis
* Make-up lesson for all occasions
* Face shape analysis to determine ideal hairstyle and accessories (do you have an angular or "rounded" face?)
* Wardrobe planning / Illusion dressing tips.
Make-up lesson & Face Shape Analysis (in a Workshop environment or add-on (R495) in a
package with a Wardrobe Analysis & Planning service or Bridal/Matric Dance Package)                                         
At the end of the day, being well-groomed means that you look great whether you are going to a fancy dinner/dance or whether you are popping out to the store in a tracksuit.  Whilst your choice of tracksuit might sabotage your look (see Wardrobe Analysis & Planning to prevent this), you will more often than not still look great if you have a good haircut and some make-up on. This consultation will guide you as to your
- basic make-up requirements for all occasions
- your ideal hairstyle, eyewear, earrings, necklaces based on your face-shape.
Special Bridal & Matric Dance Package (3 hours)   R1800
If you are planning for a big day like this it pays to do your homework more than ever. You need to ensure that everything you choose from dress to hair to make-up and accessories make the most of your physical attributes and harmonises with your skin tone.  Your photo's will bear testament to the choices you made for the day.
This consultation includes:
- Colour Analysis to determine ideal colours for dress, make-up and jewellery (for brides this also means the difference between a white dress and winter white for example)
- Face shape analysis for ideal hairstyle and accessories
- Figure analysis for ideal style of dress.
Makeover Package (6 hours)   R2900
This package is for the lady who wants a complete fresh start with respect to her "look"
The consultation includes:
- Colour Analysis to determine ideal colours for clothes, make-up and jewellery 
- Face shape analysis for ideal hairstyle and accessories - you will receive a brief for your hairstylist (and I can also refer you to an excellent stylist)
- Figure analysis for ideal style of clothes
- Wardrobe analysis & planning - and advice on shopping for clothes!